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Barbell Pad

Barbell Pad

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Lift Heavier With Little To No Pain

We're talking about barbell pad.They come in a variety of styles manufactured with a high-density foam that cushions between the body and weight matter what they look like, they all do the same thing: Add cushioning to provide relief to the back, neck, shoulders, and hips while training.

Reasons to use barbell pads

This piece of fitness equipment is called various names: Squat pads, shoulder pad, shoulder protective pad, and more. All of the different names of it just describe what they're used for - Provide protection for certain muscle groups and the exercises commonly used with them. They are used for barbell exercises like squats, lunges, and hip thrust. They're never used on barbell exercises that don't make direct contact with your body, it's also rarely used on lightweight barbell exercises.

So, why would one even need this protective foam barbell pad? Well, we have four reasons...


Barbell pads are designed with a protective thick foam in order to ease the pressure from the weight of the bar. It essentially prevents your body from having direct contact with the bar thus helping reduce the pressure and make your workout a more comfortable experience. Having a heavy barbell apply pressure on your body can cause prolonged aches in the neck, shoulders, upper back, and hips. And if you've ever lifted Olympic size bars, you'll know how heavy they are and how heavy they can get when more weight is added. The heaviness of the weight can make it uncomfortable to the point that you won't be able to increase the weight, which is an important way to practice progressive overload – there go your muscle-building plans! Aside from making your workout comfortable, having a barbell pad can help you make progress in your training.


Barbell bars can get pretty slippery during a sweating lifting session, one wrong move, and the bar can slip, fall, and cause severe damage. The added comfort and support from the barbell pad prevent this from happening and reduces your risk of injury. Not only that, but if you're recovering from a shoulder, neck, or back injury and want to get back under the bar then a barbell pad can help ease you back into training! This doesn't mean you should train with an injury and use the pad as a crutch. It just means to wait until you're fully recovered to start training, and use the barbell pad as added support and comfort so you don't cause any more damage to the injured muscle and can begin building your lifts back up as they were before.

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